Promouvoir leur nouvelle campagne marketing visant à préserver les abeilles.


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"I am writing to confidently recommend a collaboration with Anthony for

marketing through social media.

As an Influencer, Anthony has worked with me to create an Instagram post

and 3 Instagram stories to promote our so-called “Holzkern-Bee” campaign.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Anthony. While employed with us at

Holzkern, Anthony implemented all requirements very quickly and worked

with attention to detail. His contributions were of high quality and you can tell he put

in a lot of effort.

While working with Anthony, I observed that his knowledge of editing was

extensive. This can be seen in his online contributions, which are created with great


In addition, Anthony is very competent and creative and has demonstrated a

willingness to go above and beyond. Anthony is kind, reliable and


I am sure that Anthony will achieve a lot in the near future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at should you have any

questions. I would be more than happy to expand further on my endorsement.


Viviane Ziller"